2 Months to a Dragon

Well with only two months before the big convention I knew that I had to get organized. I still had two portfolio pieces to finish, and I needed a website, business cards, and postcard.

Based on some of the reading I had been doing I decided to make a little calendar for myself. So I organized all the things I needed to do into do-able portions, and then got to work! It was hard to be so disciplined with my time, but in the end it paid off.


I received a ton of help from my wife Loraine. For those that don’t know her, she is awesome! Trying to develop a logo and business card for myself was hard. No matter what I did I found it difficult to design for me. She stepped in and really did some great work.

In Unleashing the Artist Within, by Bob Baker, he talks about ways to get great things done, for little or no money. That kind of advice is good for anyone, but it’s most important for those of us just starting out on our carriers. One tip that has really worked for me is turning to friends and family.

In addition to my wife I received a lot of help from my sister Diana, her fiancé Robert, and my friends Scott Mizis and Matt Essary. Without those people my preparation for Dragon Con would have been quite a bit more difficult. By asking for help I was able to spend more time on my portfolio.

In the end everything came together nicely. I finished my portfolio, website, business cards, and postcard. All about 2 days before Dragon Con!


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