Laughing Corpse Death Jester

My good friend, Mathew “Shrew” Haffner, is fond of using my artistic talents for his own projects. For those that don’t know Shrew, let me tell you that we he gets excited about something he becomes very motivated, and his excitement is contagious. Most recently he has been excited about his gaming club, Laughing Corpse. Now where I come in, is that he has wanted some custom graphics and art for the club’s website.

The first thing he asked for was a picture of the club’s mascot, the Death Jester, in a reclining pose. After all the painting I had been doing recently I was very exited about doing some more graphic black and white work.

After doing a sketch, I transferred it to Bristol paper and inked it. Here is the result:


Death Jester B&W

Once I showed it to Shrew he asked me to ad some basic colors so that it matched the colors of the club’s new website his fiancé was in the process of designing. Here is the color version:

 Death Jester Color

Check out the finished piece over on the Laughing Corpse site. I’m quite pleased with the finished result. For anyone interested the original sketch is available for sale, as is the original inked drawing. Black & White and color prints are also available. Please contact me at to inquire about prices.

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