Life Drawing!

This past Monday I went to my first Life Drawing class since college. I was expecting to just get the supply list and syllabus, and then be sent home. Fortunately my instructor, Chris, wanted to make sure we had the opportunity to draw if we wanted to, so he set up one of the school’s statutes and asked us to spend the time drawing to the best of our ability, so he could gauge where each of us was as students.

There are six other students in my class, and between us all we represent a wide range of skill. I had a great time meeting everyone, and getting to draw. The class was a lot of fun, and I’m really looking forward to next week, when we will have a live model.

Below is my drawing from Monday February 9th. I will be posting my drawings from the class each week for the next 9 weeks!


Sam Flegal Life Drawing 2/9/09

Sam Flegal Life Drawing 2/9/09



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