Life Drawing: Week 2

So I had my second Life drawing class last night, and as a class we had our first live model. Her name was Liz and she had a tattoo of Harley Quinn (from Batman) and the Watchman smiley face on her rear. She was a great model and took lots of fun poses.

Our teacher, Chris, had us start off the night by doing a lot of gesturer drawings and then a few blind contour drawings. We ended the night with a long pose. All in all the class was a lot of fun. I’m still feeling out my teacher and the other students, but it’s nice to meet new people. Our class is quite an eclectic bunch.

Below is my long drawing from last night’s class:


Life Drawing 2: Liz

Life Drawing 2: Liz




One thought on “Life Drawing: Week 2

  1. Hey Sam, this drawing is great! I am going to give your web address to my brother. He is getting a computer graphics degree and is a very talented illustrator. He would love your work too!

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