Life Drawing: Week 7

This week our model Kate was out sick, so Liz came back to save the day. As I’ve re-familiarized myself with life drawing, I’ve realized that I’m not a big fan of charcoal and chalk. When I draw, I enjoy getting lost in little details, and charcoal and chalk make details hard. Now in life drawing class the advantage of charcoal is the speed at which you can put tone down on paper. Speed is important when you only have a few minutes to do a gesture, or quick drawing. Even the long poses are only twenty minuets to an hour, so you don’t usually have time to linger.

After giving my drawing medium some thought I decided to go with pen, and work in my sketchbook. Pen makes marks very quickly, and my sketchbook is letter sized (8.5” x 11”) so I could work a little smaller. The two combined made it possible to get some quick drawings done.

Some people get nervous with pen, because it is so permanent. With charcoal you can rub out and erase areas to build them up again, not so with pen. I rather enjoy the permanent nature of pen. It keeps you on your toes. I start light and use thin lines to feel out the form of the figure, and then work up value with thicker lines and little hatch marks. I had a blast!

Chris, our teacher, had us do an exercise to enhance our visual memory. He had our model take a pose, but asked us not to draw. Instead for three minutes we just examined the pose, drawing it in our mind, mimicking the pose with out own bodies, and doing our best to remember the image. After three minutes of observation the model stepped down, and we had five minutes to draw the pose from memory. Then the model took the pose again and we had five minuets to draw the pose from life.

Here is my visual memory drawing. The one on the left is from memory, the right from the model.


Visual Memory Study

Visual Memory Study



Here is my long pose this week. I really enjoyed working in pen!


Week 7 Long Pose in Pen

Week 7 Long Pose in Pen



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