Life Drawing: Week 8

This week we had a male model, named Al. He’s been working as a model for quite a long time, and he was very good. Physically speaking he had a build a little like Spider-man, very muscled, but lithe and thin. He looked like he did cycling. I personally really like drawing from male models, because the muscle structure is much easier to see.

I continued working in pen this week (although I chose a blue one instead of black). I really enjoyed doing the gesture drawings in pen. Here is a sample of a few 10-second drawings.


10 Second Gestures

10 Second Gestures



We also did another visual memory pose. The more I do these the closer my memory gets to the actual pose. I think this exercise is very important to any artist interested in drawing the figure. Here is this week’s memory pose.


Visual Memory

Visual Memory



For the final drawing this week our teacher upped the time to an hour and a half. I decided to do a pencil drawing since we had enough time to actually build up the drawing. I was very pleased with the results.


Pencil Drawing

Pencil Drawing



2 thoughts on “Life Drawing: Week 8

  1. The long pose drawing is very good, and his face is my favorite part. It’s like you can reach in and grab his nose!

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