Sketching in Pen

A few months back my sister came across a $2 sketchbook. Thinking of me she grabbed it and gave to me as a gift. I thanked her, but as I flipped through the cheep thing I thought to myself that I would probably never use it. It was book bound and had thin paper inside, not unlike cheep copy machine paper. I set it aside.

Recently it came time for me to buy a new sketchbook. I found a nice one with decent paper and spiral bound (makes it easier to scan), but I decided to go a little larger and got the 11” x 14” size one. Although I like the extra space the sketchbook gave me, it does not easily fit within my backpack, and after a few fleeting attempts it even ripped it. For a few days I went without my sketchbook. For any other artist types out there you know how painful this can be.

In the end I remembered the sketchbook my sister gave me, and resolved to bring it with me until I could get another smaller sketchbook. The first drawing I tried was in pencil, and on the thin paper it just didn’t work. I always keep a pen on me as well as a pencil, so I broke out the pen and did a few more drawings. I found the permanence of the pen liberating!

Soon I was filling my sketchbook with a sort of stream of consciousness drawing. I would start with a few lines and a little doodle and then build from there. I never gave the drawings much thought, because they were in pen and on cheep paper. That in and of it self became inspiring. A just drew, whatever popped into my head I scribbled out in pen! It’s been great for generating ideas.

Here is a sampling of a few different drawings from my pen sketchbook. For some reason I was on a robot kick.


Page from my Sketchbook

Page from my Sketchbook



I also found the sketchbook helpful during my little brother-in-law’s show choir competition. This first piece is directly inspired by the numerous choirs of that day.


Show Choir Sketch

Show Choir Sketch



This next one is a little witch I thought was funny. Inspired by a larger girl at the choir who was not the best singer.


Old Witch Sketch

Old Witch Sketch



All this pen sketching finally came into its own when I had to sit through an incredibly boring meeting. I love zombies, but hate meetings so I thought I would use my time wisely!


Zombie Sketch

Zombie Sketch



To close I just wanted to say THANKS FOR THE SKETCHBOOK SIS!

3 thoughts on “Sketching in Pen

  1. Ha. I love this. I have so many sketchbooks that I have temporarily banned myself from that isle of the bookstore! I buy new ones with serious hopes of filling them, but I have more sketchbooks to illustrate than free minutes in the day!!! Best of luck on looks like you’re off to a good start!

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