Listen to Your Wife or Why I love to Draw Zombies

In the past I’ve talked a lot about how frustration brings self-discovery. I certainly still believe that when things get difficult push through and discover. That said I’ve recently discovered another way to learn… listen to your wife!

I spend a lot of time drawing, painting, and sketching. Throughout my blog you’ll see various posts about my drawing and doodling, but I always seem to come back to cartoonish or comic book style horror art. Recently I’ve taken to drawing sketches of people I see, but zombifing them. Nothing is funnier to me then drawing people as zombies.

To offer a little background I have been spending my time preparing for a local sci/fi fantasy convention called Hypericon ( I will be showing my art in their show and I have a table to display my stuff. My wife has been a big help to me in getting ready.

Earlier this month a very good friend of mine, Sarah Roush, graduated from Yale. Go Sarah! My wife and I went up for the weekend, and like any graduation we spent a lot of time waiting. I tend to get fidgety so I keep my sketchbook with me. As I’m looking out at a bunch of old men and women in their caps and gowns congratulating each of the graduates one by one, I think to myself, “These professors would look much better as zombies!”


Zombie Professor 1

Zombie Professor 1



I immediately set to work, warping and twisting various Yale professors into funny little zombies. As I’m giggling through my little doodles my wife leans over and says to me, “You should think about selling these at your booth. You could do portraits of people as zombies.” I smiled and nodded, but I wasn’t convinced. To me that seemed too easy.


Zombie Professor 2

Zombie Professor 2



Later she brought it up again when she saw my own zombie self portrait, and I told her, “But this stuff is easy, I can do it so quickly.” She stared at me as if I was a retard and then said, “If it’s so easy then why don’t you do it. Just because it’s easy for you doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone.”

I had to admit she had a point, and it’s a common thing for me to take my own talents for granted. I love to draw funny zombie people, I’m good at it, and I can do it quickly. Suddenly it was like the universe slapped me in the face and said, “Go forth and draw zombies!”

I had my wife sit for an official Zombie Portrait session, and she helped me make a sign. So watch out Hypericon Sam Flegal’s coming to town and he’s making zombies!


Pen and Ink Zombie Portraits by Sam Flegal

Pen and Ink Zombie Portraits by Sam Flegal


4 thoughts on “Listen to Your Wife or Why I love to Draw Zombies

  1. Awesome.
    This is a great story with a great lesson:
    -Listen to your inner voice – not the negative one, but the positive one that tells you what you love to do. That’s your true inner voice.
    -Occasionally it’s good to step back and appreciate our abilities, all the hard work we have done to achieve and strengthen our skills, and the progress we have made. Because we see them every day, we tend to undervalue our own abilities and skills.
    -If given a choice between negative inner voices and positive feedback from those who truly would like to see you succeed… listen to the positive!!!
    Love your artwork, Sam.

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