Hypericon and Artists are Awesome!

When I first arrived to Hypericon I encountered a number of artists who, like myself, were waiting for the arrival of the art show director, Jamie Herron. A few of the artists, having done this before, started setting up their tables and hanging their art. I walked around introducing myself, and met everyone. Little did I know how each and every one of them would turn out to be directly responsible for my Hypericon experience being awesome!

Mechanics of Sadness by Steve Gilberts

Mechanics of Sadness by Steve Gilberts

Steve Gilberts was the featured artist of the weekend, and he brought with him a number of excellent works. As he was putting up his stuff I had the pleasure to chat with him and his lovely wife Becky. Both of them were great and super nice! Throughout the weekend they offered cheery energy and some excellent advice on various conventions I should try and attend to show my art.




Sarah Frary

Sarah Frary

Next I met Sarah Frary, somewhat by accident. I was told by the convention head, Fred Grimm, that Jamie, the art show director, was a cute chick with dark hair. So when I saw Sarah across the room, also a cute chick with dark hair, I thought she was the one in charge. I wondered on over and started asking her questions, when it quickly became apparent that she was not the art show director, but another artist showing at Hypericon.



Soon after Jamie arrived. She whirled into action, tiara on her head. (As a side note Jamie is a cute chick with BLOND hair…come on Fred!) Jamie was excellent! She immediately set to helping all the artists find hanging space and tables. For those who don’t know her Jamie is great, and if you’re waffling about weather or not to show your stuff at Hypericon stop it! You totally should!

For about an hour the convention space was a flurry of unpacking art and other goods for sale. Artists and vendors were hanging stuff and making neat piles of wonderful things. I took a few moments to look around and enjoy the rush of setting up a convention and art show. I wonder if this is the same rush that carnies feel?


Nightmare by Paul Bielaczyc

Nightmare by Paul Bielaczyc

After things settled down I got to meet Paul Bielaczyc who would be my booth mate, and saw that Sarah was set up across from us. We were all in the “artist’s corner” of the vendor room. Over the next three days I enjoyed Paul’s rants and advice about the art and convention business, and enjoyed cross-banter with Sarah. Paul also engaged in banter, but he truly came into his own while ranting. Both are extremely talented artists, who I hope had as much fun with me as I did with them over the course of the weekend.

Head Over Heels by Scott Webb

Head Over Heels by Scott Webb


Because of Paul I also got to meet Scott Webb, a very talented horror sculptor, and the most laid back guy I’ve ever met. Scott’s sculptures are awesome, twisted little creatures, and if you know me, you know I love twisted! Between the four of us we had a nice little artist commune vibe going on throughout the weekend, but more on that later. For now I’ll leave you with this…

… Hypericon and Artists are Awesome!


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