Zombie Portraits (or A Brief Essay on Erosion Art)


Zombie Matt Essary

Zombie Matt Essary

At Hypericon this year I debuted my Zombie Portrait drawing business. After hanging my art I set up my booth and put out my sign for Zombie Portraits only $20! The first person to take interest in my art was a lovely lady named Sara Jo. As soon as she saw my sign about Zombie Portraits she exclaimed, “Oh I must tell my husband he will love this!”


As it turns out Sarah Jo’s husband is the well renowned writer Jonathan Maberry who writes numerous amounts of fiction some of which features zombies. In particular he mentioned a new book he was working on featured apocalyptic police sketch artists that help people find their lost loved ones who have turned into zombies by taking family photos and drawing the zombified version of the person. These zombie sketch artist are called “Erosion Artists.”

Who knew, I’m an Erosion Artist! Pretty cool!


Zombie Dave

Zombie Dave



Throughout the rest of the con I got to meet all sorts of interesting people enticed by the possibility of getting a zombie portrait. I also learned that for many people being undead and alone was not near as enticing as being undead and together forever! So I introduced the $30 couples zombie portrait, and it was a hit!


My First Zombie Couple

My First Zombie Couple



All said and done I had a blast meeting people, zombifing them, and getting to know them as I drew. It was a lot of fun! I also made some great business contacts of people interested in hiring me to do events where I draw zombie portraits.

And so it’s official, zombie portraits are a success! If you or someone you know wants to be zombified please contact me at once! And yes I now do parties and events so if you (or a friend) want to spice up your celebration or meeting give me call. I’ll be happy to help make it an apocalyptic good time!


Zombie Sarah Frary

Zombie Sarah Frary


2 thoughts on “Zombie Portraits (or A Brief Essay on Erosion Art)

  1. Hey, check out the original zombie portraits artist, Rob Sacchetto, who’s work is featured in Jonathan Maberry’s Zombie CSU book… The erosion artist in Jon’s book is actually named Rob Sacchetto.
    Jonathan also wrote the foreword for Rob’s new book, The Zombie Handbook.

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