Penguin Art

Evil Guin by Sam Flegal back in 2003

In the ever-evolving strangeness that is my art I have finally begun to realize an idea I had seven years ago. Back in college I used to do a little doodle I called Evil Peguin. I had him doing all sorts of fun things. For years a buddy of mine has been pestering me to do more penguin art, and I’ve always put it off.

A few months back the perfect opportunity presented itself, a good friend wanted a unique gift for his long-time girlfriend. She loved penguins and comics. Her three favorite characters were Iron-Man, Batman, and Spider-man. So I was asked to draw the three heroes as penguins. I jumped at the chance, to delve back into my college days of cartooning penguins.



Iron Guin

And thus the Guins were born. First it was Super Guins, then Monster Guins, and in the future you will see the return/debue of Evil Guin. So penguin lovers keep an eye out, I’m selling 4.25” x 6” cards of each Guin for $3 each or $25 if you buy the whole set of nine. I will be bringing these to all the future conventions that I’m doing, but if you need them sooner shoot me an e-mail ( or message me on facebook.


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