Zombies – Learn and Grow

Since the Illustration Master Class I have been really pushing myself. The experience of that week was amazing. Months later I find myself referring to things that happened, or bits of advice the faculty members gave me. Each time I find new truths that help push me to be a better artist.

One of the things I learned is that it’s not enough to just make a cool image. Every image needs the love, care, and attention to be your BEST image. Being the best is something that I’ve struggled with my whole life. For me school was easy, and I soon adopted the motto, “Only do enough to get an A.” And so I coasted by, I graduated 23rd in my class of 460, and went on to college to very similar results.

Real life check, even if it’s grade A work, most people only want your BEST! There are a lot of A students out there. In the art field there are a lot of good artists. This summer I realized that I didn’t want to be good, I wanted to be great, and that I needed to make each painting my best work ever.

I personally think this is evident in my last few paintings. Particularly in Skull Harvester, and Cerberus in Hell. But where it has not been evident is in my Zombie Portraits. My style has changed some, but for the most part my Zombies haven’t changed much.

Recently I did a few conventions where there were 2 to 5 other guys drawing people as Zombies. Some took their work seriously and did really nice stuff; others were just trying to make a quick buck. Because of the competition I was forced to evaluate my own work. I once again decided I needed to get better. So I’ve spent some time focusing on Zombies, and making each portrait better than the last.

So far the reaction at conventions has been great. Here are a few examples:

If you’ve ever wanted a Zombie Portrait for yourself or a loved one now is the perfect time to order one. Send me an e-mail and attach a photo of the person or people you would like done as a Zombie!


I do both color and black & white. E-mail me for a quote!

Zombie Portraits make GREAT Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa presents!


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