March of the Penguins

Back in April 2010 I made a post about my Penguin Art and since last April I have been selling lots of 4 x 6 Guin cards and doing custom Guin drawings. Throughout last year I completed a full set of 12 different Guins.

Twelve Guin Set

You can get a full set of all 12 Guins for $30 +$5 shipping and handling. Please e-mail me at

As I told you in my previous penguin post (say that 5 times fast!) my idea for the Guins started back in college when I doodled cartoons in my sketchbook. Recently I’ve been looking through old sketchbooks for ideas. I’m a better artist now, but some of my old ideas were pretty good. Just a testament to the power of the sketchbook! That’s right artists… draw every day, keep a sketchbook, and don’t throw them away. Ever!

The Guin series so popular last year that I’ve decided to take the next big step…

… T-Shirts!

The first shirt will feature the original Guin, Evil Penguin.

Evil Penguin

Shirts will cost $20 ($22 for 2XL and 3XL) +$5 shipping and handling. If you’d like a shirt e-mail me at

Here is a close up of the Evil Penguin:

Evil Penguin

And here is the original sketch from back in 2003:

Evil Guin



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