Making Time

Back over the holidays I found myself with a lot of time and very little motivation. I’m not sure if it was the winter or all the pie I ate, but I just couldn’t bring myself to paint consistently. This is not to say that I didn’t paint or pursue art, because I did, but not with my usual fervor.

Recently I have been very busy. As convention season kicks off, I am pleased to report that things have been very good. Sales are up and my business is growing. On top of that I have been getting a number of illustration jobs and commissions.

What I find most interesting is that now when I am at my busiest—preparing for shows, taking care of my daughter, and working with various clients—I seem to find the time and motivation to paint. This is not without sacrifice—I do go out less, I don’t often go to the movies, at home I don’t spend much time in front of the TV, and it’s been years since I’ve played any video games.

And yet I am happier than ever. Now, to claim that I came to this conclusion on my own would be false. This is yet another tidbit of wisdom I’ve gained from various successful artists who have taken the time to help me.

Look at your life and evaluate the things you do that are truly productive and those that are not. Consider your passions and pursue them, and be willing to trim back activities that are not productive. This is not to say you must work all the time. It is important to have leisure activities that let you escape. Just be sure that you are not escaping your life.

To that end I am pleased to say that I have finally finished the painting I’ve been working on. It took me more hours than I can count and was more challenging than any other project I have pursued. I feel that I learned a lot in its production.

Last Battle by Sam Flegal, 18x24 Oil Painting

Whatever you do I hope you enjoy it!

Stay Strange!


One thought on “Making Time

  1. Hey Sam!

    I admire the work and motivation you have, even when you say you don’t feel particularly motivated. Recently I’ve been in a long, drawn-out rut of sorts, unable to pull myself to produce anything besides an odd sketch here, or a random project there. Nothing that I could say I’m truly proud of. These words you’ve written are comforting, however, as I know that yet another artist I know has these same difficulties. When you feel yourself in these situations, is there any specific things you do to get your head screwed on straight? My biggest difficulty is being too easily distracted…

    Great work, my friend, this is a beautiful painting.


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