Warhammer, a Box Full of Orcs!!!

Back at Gen Con I was approached by Zoë Robinson, the Art Director for Fantasy Flight Games, and asked if I knew anything about Warhammer Fantasy. I was floored, this was my nerd moment of truth; of course I knew about Warhammer, I had played the game for years, had numerous armies of painted plastic miniatures! I tried to play it cool… “Yes I knew about Warhammer and I am a fan of the game.”

“Great,” Zoë said, “Based on your Last Battle piece here it looks like you would be good at doing Orcs, are you interested?”

HELL YES!!! … I mean, “Yes I would love to work on an Orc project.”

And that was that. A few weeks later I was contacted, contracts were signed, and all of a sudden I was being paid to paint Orcs! I did my paintings, and they got approved. I moved onto other jobs. Due to the nature of printing and release schedules, I knew that under NDA I would not be able to talk about or show the paintings I did for awhile (sometimes as much as a year or more!)

Well yesterday I was looking around Fantasy Flight’s website and I discovered the following…

… and I flipped out!!! Holy Crap my painting was on the COVER OF THE BOX!!!

I am proud to reveal my first Warhammer painting for the Fantasy Flight card game Warhammer Invasion: Rising Dawn (part of the Bloodquest Cycle expansion). The piece is called Orc Charge (not the name of the card). I hope you enjoy it:

Orc Charge by Sam Flegal, copyright Fantasy Flight Games

The painting was done in oil paint at 18″ x 24″

Keep dreaming, they can come true, and sometimes your dreams end up on the cover!

Stay Strange!


4 thoughts on “Warhammer, a Box Full of Orcs!!!

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