Vampire Batman Changing it Up

Vampire Batman by Sam Flegal

I’ve been doing a lot of oil painting recently, and I’ve been under some tight deadlines. All of that is of course very good, but artistically I found myself wanting to explore. For whatever reason when I’m feeling artistically lost I find myself drawing comic book characters. Comics had a big influence on me and on my art, so it’s really no surprise I still like to draw them.

One piece in particular I’ve wanted to tackle was Vampire Batman. In order to change things up a bit I did the piece in pen and ink and then used colored inks to color it. I had fun doing it, and having it in my originals box has led to more comic commissions at shows, which I also dig.

Here are a few that I’ve done:

Elektra by Sam Flegal, model Leslie Gladney

Spiderman by Sam Flegal

Stay Strange!

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