Church Drawing

I have a confession to make…

…I draw at church.

Most of my close family is aware of this, but now the world knows too. I just couldn’t hide any longer!

I don’t actually get to church all that often, due to my intense painting and convention schedule, but when I do, I find it a most relaxing place to draw. You can look around the room and see all sorts of clothing references and all ages. I typically pick a few folks from around the congregation and do a little portrait. What I’ve come to realize is that I really like drawing old people. The wrinkles in their faces are awesome, specifically for drawing witches, hags, and goblins!

Mrs. Croutch by Sam Flegal

All right so there it is… I turn old folks at church into fantasy creatures (what can I say, I just love goblins). I’m sure Mrs. Croutch pictured above would be most disapproving, along with a number of grandmothers I know, but I can’t help myself. They’re just so much fun to draw!

As I’ve been thinking about this I realize that I would really like to hire some older people as my models, but my over active respect for the elderly often prevents me. “Excuse me Ma’am you look like you would make an excellent HAG, are you interested in modeling?”

Maybe one day I will get over my fear and actually ask, in the mean time if you have any advice for working with older models and/or are an older person interested in posing as a witch, demon, or other nefarious fairytale creature, and live in the Nashville, TN area, drop me an e-mail:

To see more of my work or to contact me for availability to help with your project please visit:



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