Vampire Batman Process

Vampire Batman has been a very popular piece, and because of that I often get asked about my process. As I discussed in a previous post, Vampire Batman Changing It Up, I started on the piece with the desire to do something other than oil paint. That said much of the process was still the same. I did thumbnails, sketches, and gathered reference.

To start I did a bunch of Thumbnails both in my sketchbook and digitally:

Then I refined the pose with a Sketch:

At this point I shoot reference, and then do a Drawing indicating areas of light and shadow:

Then I do a black and white pen and ink drawing:

Where things got really different was that I used Watercolor (Colored Inks) to color the image:

I finally did some Digital Color Enhancement with the piece after scanning it in for the final:

Vampire Batman by Sam Flegal

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