Zombie Thor vs. The Avengers

Zombie Thor by Sam Flegal

I often get commissions at conventions, and most of them are fun, but every once in awhile I get asked to do a fan project that set my gears a turnin’. At the Alabama Phoenix Festival, Marcus Moore (of GMX and MTAC fame), stopped by my table and asked me to do Zombie Thor. I nodded my head, “sure I can do it.” Then he said he wanted Zombie Thor to have trophies from each of the other Avengers, Captain America’s shield, Ironman’s boots, Hawkeye’s bow, etc…

I immediately got to thinking. That is a REALLY cool idea. So I asked him if I could have some extra time to work on it, and he agreed. After the convention and for the next couple of days I let the idea simmer. The basic concept was great, but I wanted to sell the thing with a sweet background. Where should Zombie Thor be?

Then it hit me… Yggdrasil the World Tree. I love Norse mythology (I may have mentioned this a couple of times). One of the aspects of Odin is that he is a hangmen’s god, or god of the gallows (I was reminded of this after reading Neal Gaiman’s American Gods).

Here is where the story started to develop. What if the magic of Thor still possessed him after he became a zombie, but he became a dark mockery of Thor? In his twisted mind Thor would seek out a proper offering to Odin, killing the Avengers one by one, and then hanging them from the World Tree. I figured Hulk would be the hardest to kill, so the image depicts Zombie Thor walking away from the World Tree with the Avengers hanging from its branch, just after Thor defeated Hulk and removed his head.

It took me a couple days to draw it out and shoot reference. Then I inked it and colored it with inks. I scanned the thing in and made a few digital tweaks for the final. If you want to see the original you’ll have to make arrangements with Marcus, as it now sits within his private collection!

Thanks for the cool concept Marcus!

To see more of my work or to contact me for availability to help with your project please visit: www.samflegal.com



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