Steady Resolve (First Legend of the Five Rings Card!)

Steady Resolve by Sam Flegal

I’m very pleased to finally be able to show my first L5R card, Steady Resolve! I was contacted by AEG (company who owns L5R) after Gen Con last year, and I’ve done quite a lot of work for them. My first card, Steady Resolve, was a part of the latest expansion called The Shadow’s Embrace.

The art description was right up my alley:

“A Spider Clan samurai battles back a swarm of white masked zombies in a swamp. Action Card, the general idea is he got a second wind and is fighting for is life.”

For those not familiar with L5R, the Spider Clan are the “dark” samurai, kind of like the dark side of the force. Sweet, you know me I love the bad guys! Oh and he’s supposed to fight a bunch of zombies in the swamp… awesome!

At the time I was painting this I was deep in the middle of convention season, and I was working on the Orc Charge painting for Warhammer Invasion. Other more experienced illustrators have told me that this sort of thing would happen, but nothing prepares you for the stress like being in the moment! I managed to produce more paintings in a month, at a higher quality, than I had previously been able to do. It was tough, but in the end it’s nice to have some finished paintings to show.

Here is how the card looks:

If you’re an L5R fan (or just a fan of the painting) and your interested in a print please e-mail me at once!

To see more of my work or to contact me for availability to help with your project please visit:


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