Sketchbook and Kickstarter

Ever since being turned onto the power of Kickstarter by my friend Michael Bielaczyc, I’ve been kicking around ideas for the site. There are so many possibilities for artists, and other creative types, but I finally settled on doing a sketchbook.

The more I thought about it the more it made sense to me that a book of drawings was a good starting place. Every painting starts with a drawing, so why not start by putting together my first book of drawings. I did some brainstorming with my wife, and together we came up with this:

Beginnings: The Strange Drawings of Sam Flegal

Beginnings: The Strange Drawings of Sam Flegal will be a sketchbook-style book, sized at 6″x8″, with a full-color cover and 16 pages of black and white drawings. My plan is to sell this book at conventions (like Gen Con & Dragon Con) and via the web. I’ve been working as a professional (full-time) illustrator for the past two years, and in that time, I have created a number of drawings. Included are drawings for Warhammer and Legends of the Five Rings. I’d like to share those drawings with you!

I hope you like the idea and will take the time to support my book. Please share the link with everyone you know!

To see more of my work or to contact me for availability to help with your project please visit:


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