Death of Odin

Death of Odin by Sam Flegal

I was asked to do a piece for the Full Moon Tattoo and Horror show in Chatanooga. So naturally of course I wanted to take the opportunity to do a werewolf. I’ve had an idea for a while of wanting to do a version of the Viking wolf god Fenris. For those not familiar with the legend:

At Ragnorok, the end of time according to the Vikings, the great wolf Fenris will break his chains and defeat the god Odin. In return, one of Odin’s sons will avenge him, and kill Fenris.

I wanted to depict Fenris as a bad ass werewolf/god-of-wolves. His shoulder pad is based of off a Viking symbol for wolves and his sword hilt is based off of the Hammer of Thor. The hand around Fenris’s neck is the hand of Tyr, the Viking war god. Fenris bit it off back at the beginning of time, so I figured he’d hang onto it as a keepsake.

The original was done in oil paint at 18″ x 24″.

If you can get to Chatanooga in September you should come to the Chatanooga Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Show!

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