Gen Con 2012 – Part 2

Friday at Gen Con was a banner day. To start things off I sold an original painting! The painting was done for L5R for the set Seeds of Decay that was released at Gen Con. I’ll talk more about the painting later, but for now check out David and me with the painting that is now a part of David’s collection!

Friday night was the Gen Con Art Show Party where I am very proud to announce that I won one of the Juror’s Choice Awards for my painting Orc Charge!

The Judges were Jon Schindehette, Todd Lockwood, and Scott Murphy. My piece was picked by Scott Murphy because it was “a bad ass painting!”

Thanks, Scott!

At this point I was riding a pretty big high, when my wife and I joined about 20 other artists and plus-ones for dinner with the Fantasy Flight Art Director team. What an amazing end to an amazing day. I got to meet some great new artists and got to nerd out about 40K with Andy and Mike! A big thanks to Zoë for putting this together!

But wait, there’s more. Join me for the 3rd and final post on Gen Con 2012. Until then…

To see more of my work or to contact me for availability to help with your project please visit:


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