Gen Con 2012 – Part 3

After Thursday and Friday I was beat. It’s odd to say, but I actually had trouble keeping up with my Zombie Portraits because I was talking to so many fans and professionals. I dug deep, and got everything done, but man, it was tough!

Saturday and Sunday showed me another view into the very cool world of Legend of the Five Rings. I was invited to the L5R 10K Card Party by L5R Art Director Adrian Burton. When we arrived at the pub where the event was held, I was floored. It was a fancy banquet dinner set up with lots of free L5R swag to give away.

In a strange twist of fate my wife’s High School classmate, Bob, was at the event representing the Mantis Clan with a fancy iron-on shirt! We had dinner with Bob and some other fans, all different clans, and there was much trash talk. It was fun!

After dinner I helped judge the costume contest along with longtime L5R artists Drew Baker, Steve Argyle, and Jason Engle.

The party was great. Thank You to Adrian and AEG for having me as a guest, and to Drew Baker for introducing me to people!

On Sunday several L5R fans I met the night before stopped by to get me to sign cards and buy prints. Kat Argyle, Steve’s awesome wife, even came by to buy an original drawing from one of my L5R cards. What a great community!

This is Jon and he was the first fan to ever get me to sign a card. It’s so cool to see my stuff in print and to get asked to sign it was a great honor. Thank You Jon!

That wraps up another great Gen Con!

Thank you to all the fans, art directors, and artists who stopped by my booth! I’ll see you all at Gen Con 2013 if I don’t see you sooner!

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