The Most Important Question an Artist Can Ask

E. Honda means business, do you?

Recently fellow illustrator Beth Sobel posted a question to an illustration group I’m a part of (more on that in a later post) that got me thinking. Her question was simple: “What are your goals with illustration?”

At a glance this may seem like an easy question, but in my opinion the question and its answer is the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION AN ARTIST CAN ASK!!!

In a broader sense this is true for everyone. The basic question is “What are your goals?” I’ve been reading a lot of books written about and by successful people. The one trend that connects them all is that successful people have goals and they take efforts to complete them. Similarly, to be a successful artist you need goals.

Here are some goal-based examples from my own life:

When I changed my life back in 2008 and decided I wanted to be an illustrator, I set the goal that “I wanted to contribute to the financial gain of my family with art and illustration.” By the end of 2009 I had reached this goal. I then set a goal to “make art and illustration my full time job.” In March 2010 I switched to doing art and conventions full time.

I even went the extra mile and made a poster with my goals on it. I posted it next to the mirror in my bathroom, above my dresser and in my studio. I got so used to seeing it and reading it every day that it just became a part of my life. One day I was reading it and realized I had met the goal 6 months earlier!

My goal now is to craft each painting to a level of finish beyond what I am currently capable (pushing a little further with each piece), to expand my business by adding more clients (both companies and private collectors) and retaining the current clients that I have, and to be a major name in illustration within the next 5-10 years. As a secondary goal along the way I want to teach and inspire others that are below the level of skill I am at currently.

So…What are your goals?

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