Illustrators, UNITE!

I highly recommend taking the time to listen to this podcast. If there is an illustrator in your life, or if you are passionate about the art world, the topic of what illustrators get paid is big.


Podcast Episode 41 – Illustrators, UNITE!

This episode of the DrawnToday Podcast features Mike Sass and Aaron Miller along with illustrators such as Jim Pavelick, Randy Gallegos, and Todd Lockwood during a panel discussion at this year’s Illuxcon symposium.  In a discussion that has a direct bearing on each and every working illustrator and illustration student, the panel member’s discuss payment rates, online client review ideas and plan to create an online resource for uniting illustrators to help increase reasonable working rates and to create the best possible product for clients.


Take the time to check out Drawn Today. It’s a great site.


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