Warhammer Art – Horn Hold Defender

Horn Hold Defender by Sam Flegal (Copyright Games Workshop 2013)

Horn Hold Defender by Sam Flegal (Copyright Games Workshop 2013)

One of my new cards for Warhammer Invasion came out in The Ruinous Hordes set from the Eternal War Cycle. I’m happy to release “Horn Hold Defender!” or as I like to call the piece “Over My Dead Body.”

The original painting measures 18 x 24 inches and was painted with oil paint. You’ll notice a major change between the painting and the card as I was asked to remove the arrow from the dwarf’s head. I personally felt like the arrow really made the piece, so I left it in and removed it digitally for the card. Either way I really feel this one turned out great. I haven’t done a lot of dwarves before and it was great to work on this one!

For those who are curious here is how it looks on the card:


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