New Art – High Elves of Uteria

Elf Gate by Sam Flegal

Elf Gate by Sam Flegal

I’m excited to announce that the Elves of Uteria Kickstarter is underway! For me that means I can share more of my art from the book. I previewed the Goblin Chieftain I did a month or so back, and you can see him HERE.

I was also commissioned to do a full color image of the High Elves. The art order called for a couple of High Elves returning from the hunt of their hated foes… the Dark Elves. Fun Uteria fact – the main difference between High and Dark Elves is their hair color: blond and platinum for the High and brunette and black for the Dark. The other fun detail was that all Elves wear masks.

I imagined the victorious High Elves returning from the hunt through an Elf Gate. On the outside the world is snowy and cold, but once past the Elf Gate things are forever in the magic glow of Spring and Summer. The High Elves all think themselves royalty, so their armor and weapons are finely crafted and detailed, favoring royal colors.

All in all I had a blast working on this project. Michael Bielaczyc is a great art director to work for. His ideas are very creative, he’s good at pushing me to my limits (both of art and sanity), and as an artist himself he understands how to let an artist’s own voice come through the work. I’m a big fan of the results and I hope you guys are too!

The Elves of Uteria source book is an awesome project. In addition to my art it contains the art of Adam Baker, Michael Bielaczyc, Paul Bielaczyc, Larry Elmore (That’s right Larry “Dragonlance” Elmore!!!), Sarah Frary, Melissa Gay, Brian Hulsey, and Aaron Miller. Michael did an amazing job of pulling together a quality group of fantasy artists!

So if you like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or awesome Fantasy Art full of Elves, then please check out the Elves of Uteria Kickstarter and pledge to back it!

CLICK HERE to visit the Kickstarter and back it!


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