New Art – L5R Card – Nishiguchi (Fallen)


Nishiguchi is a Spider Clan Monk from the new Legend of the Five Rings set Coils of Madness. The main storyline from Coils of Madness is that the god P’an Ku has escaped the celestial realm and come into the world to make people crazy. The  story behind Nishiguchi is that she has been infected by P’an Ku’s madness. As such she has taken to marking her kills on her arms like notches on a bedpost. Here we see her just after madness sets in, the Second City is burning around her, and she’s just finished off 3 Scorpion Clan Ninja.

At some point I’d love to do an experienced of her, that shows her arms covered in scars, to show how she’s been continuing to mark herself.

One of the things I really liked about the card was that my Art Director asked me to do a female character that wasn’t overtly sexual. Because she’s in armor and covered up, most people assume she’s a dude. Maybe that’s why she went crazy. 😉

The original was done in oil paint and measures 18″ x 24.”

Here is the drawing done for Nishiguchi:


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