New Art – Monster Hunter International

MHI Employee's Handbook by Sam Flegal

MHI Employee’s Handbook by Sam Flegal

I’m very pleased to reveal the cover art for the new Monster Hunter International Employee’s Handbook and Roleplaying game coming out from Hero Games! This piece was quite a challenge as it features characters, weapons, and items from the novel series Monster Hunter International by  Larry Correia. The books have a lot of detail and the goal for the cover was to create an image that fans would love because it featured details from the books.

The painting shows heroes Owen Z. Pitt and Julie Shackleford doing battle with a group of undead wights led by their vampire master, who is of course being shot in the face by Owen with his famous shotgun Abomination. Both Julie and Owen wear the MHI issued battle armor and have the MHI smile face patch on their chests. In the books the patches are on the shoulder, but Larry requested I move them to the chest so they would be displayed prominently in the painting. In the background the MHI modified Hind helicopter flies overhead.

This painting was done in oil paint and measures 18″ x 24″. The painting is for sale, so if you’re a hardcore Monster Hunter International fan and you want to own a piece of MHI history please contact me at My asking price is $1,500.

To see more of my work or to contact me for availability to help with your project please visit:



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