Things I learned from IMC – Year 3


Chris Burdett at the Amherst Museum

As you can see from the title this was my third year at the Illustration Master Class and I must say it was the most amazing experience to date. The energy of being around so many talented and motivated people was incredible. I got used to sharing my studio with about 30+ other people constantly seeing them make amazing art and commenting and critiquing on each others work. What a rush!

Now that I’m home and I’m diligently painting away on my Ragnarok painting I find myself reflecting on what I learned:

1. Remember to get into the emotion of the piece. Feel something and the viewer will too.

2. Act out your painting. Get into the moment, play music, and really feel what is happening.

3. Design each aspect of your painting with precision and detail. Don’t solve in paint.

4. Really push the value range of the piece and focus on silhouette.

5. If you want to be an oil painter, look at other oil painters. Don’t get tripped up by trying to emulate another medium or digital.


And here is a preview of how Surt, the Fire Giant, is coming along…


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