Ragnarok – Freyr’s Last Stand

Freyr's Last Stand by Sam Flegal

Freyr’s Last Stand by Sam Flegal

I finally finished my painting from this year’s Illustration Master Class just in time for Gen Con! Several late nights and long weekends of work brought this painting through to the end. This painting has more figures and detail than anything I’ve painted to date and I’m very proud to be done!

For those who missed it, my first post on this project is HERE.

Once again here is a quick version of Freyr and his mighty battle at Ragnarok:

Freyr falls in love and gives away his magic sword to win his maiden fair. Fast forward to the end of the world and all Freyr will have to go into battle with is a stag horn. (Freyr is a fertility god and the stag is one of his totems). Surt, the mighty fire giant king, who wields a sword of fire brighter than the sun, destroys Freyr when they meet in battle, and ultimately burns the whole world.


For those who are interested I will be offering prints. Also the drawing for this painting is featured in my new book over on Kickstarter. Only 6 days to go!



To see more of my work or to contact me for availability to help with your project please visit: www.samflegal.com



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