L5R Art – Yoritomo Hiromi, Clan Champion of the Mantis Clan

Yoritomo Hiromi by Sam Flegal

Yoritomo Hiromi by Sam Flegal

I am very excited to announce that my second Clan Champion card, Yoritomo Hiromi, the Growing Storm, has been previewed for the new edition of Legend of the Five Rings, Ivory Edition! This is my first Mantis Clan card, and it was great to work on. The art description was great! They wanted Hiromi swinging onto another ship like Errol Flynn, swashbuckler style!

One of the things I love about working on the Mantis Clan is that they’re inspired by the Philippines, a country with a special place in my heart, as my wife is Filipina. This also means from time to time I get to use her family as models for L5R cards, among other things. My wife’s younger brother Gabriel posed for Hiromi, and his great modeling is one of the reasons this card turned out so good!

Gabriel looking fierce!

Gabriel looking fierce!

A few details I want to point out in the art. The first is that I wanted to make Hiromi barefoot. When I was in the Philippines many of the sailors went barefoot to get better traction. I also thought it would be cool if he wrapped his ankles the same as he does his hands. Another homage to the Philippines is Hiromi’s knife, called a bolo, and his bamboo sheath tied to his leg.

The original painting was done in oil paint and measures 18″x24″. It is for sale, if any Mantis Clan players want to own a piece of clan history please e-mail me: sam@samflegal.com

I also do a detailed drawing before starting any painting. Here is the drawing I did for Hiromi:

Mantis Clan Champion Drawing by Sam Flegal

Mantis Clan Champion Drawing by Sam Flegal

It measures 12″x16″ and is also for sale. Please e-mail me: sam@samflegal.com


 To see more of my work or to contact me for availability to help with your project please visit: www.samflegal.com


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