Strange Drawings 2 – Personal Nightmare (Introduction to Frau Holle)

My first two posts on sketches from me new sketch book Strange Drawings by Sam Flegal – Book 2 can be seen HERE (Norse Drawings) and HERE (Weird Drawings). This will be my final post on sketches from my sketch book and includes the final drawing I did as a part of my Kickstarter.

Frou Holle by Sam Flegal

Frau Holle by Sam Flegal

I was asked by my friend, April Moore, to draw my “Personal Nightmares.” It caused me to think long and hard on what to do, as I don’t have many nightmares. I draw monsters for a living and sleep like a baby! When I do dream it’s often mundane. As I thought back I remembered a visitation dream I had around December of last year. Here’s the story:

Back in December of 2012 I was doing a lot of research into various aspects of Norse Paganism. Right around this time I was painting “Odin’s Secrets” and I had been visited in a dream by Odin where he encouraged me to finish the painting. A week or so later as I drifted off to sleep I had a related nightmare.

As I dozed off I looked around my room and saw little goblin creatures hiding in the corners of my room. Soon more and more came, until my walls and floor were covered by goblins and my room went completely dark. Then a small pin-prick of light appeared. At first it was feint, but as it grew in brightness it revealed itself to be a twisted magic wand held by an Old Crone. She looked at me and said, “You had better concern yourself with drawing all the spirits of the old way, not just the pleasant ones, but also those that dwell in the dark.” She continued to move toward me in a menacing fashion. As she got close to me I startled awake, looking around at an empty room, about half an hour after I had gone to sleep.


I did some research and found the legend of Frau Holle, an old Germanic Witch thought to be the modern survival of the goddess Frigga, Odin’s Wife. There is a great story from Grimm about Frau Holle, HERE is a link if you want to read it.

So that is my “Personal Nightmare.” Unique because I don’t often have scary dreams, and in a over a year it’s the last one I can remember. Frau Holle has stayed with me, and I find myself fascinated with her history and legend. I hope you will be too!

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