Golden Age Green Lantern


Final Version with Colored Ink and Digital Color.

A few weeks back I got a commission to do a full comic page of Golden Age Green Lantern. The idea was to show Green Lantern’s old logo, an action pose, a close up of his wife, and then the final hero shot in color.

I did some research on old Green Lantern and really enjoyed it. Did some sketches, worked on the page layout, and finished the drawing. I posted in on my Instagram and Facebook and got a really good response. There’s something about the simplicity of the golden age hero’s costumes and the goofiness of their stories that really appealed to me. I got into it!


Initial Sketch

I was really excited to show the final ink drawing to my client. We met up at Con Nooga in Chattanooga, TN. (Great con by the way!) When I showed it to him, his face sank. He didn’t like it. Then he said, “It’s a nice drawing but the commission was for a FEMALE version of Golden Age Green Lantern.” Face Slap! He was right. I missed the first line of the e-mail.

Reference Shot of me as Green Lantern!

Reference Shot of me as Green Lantern!

So I went home re-did it, shipped it for no charge. He got it and was a happy camper. However I really enjoyed doing the classic hero, and I’ve still got the original. I decided I’m going to make prints, and see if there is a market for Golden Age Heroes. Next up The Flash!

Final Inks with Copic Gray

Final Inks with Copic Gray


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