Binding of Loki – Process

Binding of Loki by Sam Flegal

Binding of Loki by Sam Flegal

“The Binding of Loki” is my most recent painting. The original was done in oil paint and measures 18″ x 24″. I’ve talk about this painting in two previous posts. The first EMOTIONAL WORK talks about composing the painting. The second NORSE MYTHOLOGY IS FUNDED shows some of the early stages of the painting.

Today I want to show my full process for “The Binding of Loki.” I took the early painting photos with my phone, and the lighting wasn’t perfect for photographing the paintings, but I’ve done my best to adjust the color to be as true as possible.


And here is an animation showing the process:



My process is pretty much the same as most oil painters. For an in-depth look at process check out Howard Lyon’s great post over on MUDDY COLORS – PROCESS TO THE PEOPLE.

I learned a lot doing this painting, and I’m very proud of the results! Now I’m deep into ordering prints and getting ready to mail out all the kickstater rewards! Exciting times!


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