Dragon Model

Dragon Head in Sculpey

Dragon Head in Sculpey

I’m in an interesting position to share my work as I’m doing it. I’ve been commissioned to do the cover for the new Fantasy Hero Complete by Hero Games. They successfully funded their book through Kickstarter. As a part of the updates to the project they’ve shared my rough sketch for the cover. You can see it HERE.

You’ll notice that the scene includes a dragon… that’s right a dragon. This will be my first dragon in oil paint. I’m both excited and a little nervous at the prospect. I know I can do lizard creatures thanks to the Spawn of Itzl painting I did for Warhammer last year.

In order to help with the project I sculpted my first maquette. I used Sculpey and baked him in the oven. I’m pleased with the results. So now that I’ve got my Dragon model, I need to go photograph some humans.

Dragon Head all painted up!

Dragon Head all painted up!


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