Frigga the All-Mother

Frigga by Sam Flegal

Frigga by Sam Flegal

The goddess Frigga holds a special place in my heart. Very soon after being drawn towards Odin, the All-Father, I found myself contemplating his mate and counterpoint, the All-Mother. Unfortunately a lot of information has been lost on the goddess Frigga. She is Queen of Asgard, Keeper of the Keys to the Hall, and as All-Mother watches over the souls of children, both living and those who die young. Due to the importance of spinning cloth, and the role women played in it’s creation it is commonly thought that she was a weaver goddess as well.

I’ve been trying to find time in my schedule to work on this piece for over a year. I actually did the initial sketch and photo shoot with my model back in March of 2013! Two weeks ago I found myself with a small opening in my painting schedule, and I seized the opportunity to work on Frigga’s portrait. So far the drawing is complete and I plan to begin working on the painting as I’m able to find time.


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