How to Manage Your Mailing List


I was asked by a member of the One Fantastic Week Facebook group to do a post explaining how to manage a mailing list. So here goes:

Step 1

Set up a Mail Chimp account. They have a forever free account that stays free until you hit 10,000+ e-mails a month.

Step 2

Create a Mail Chimp list. Mine is called “Strange News from Sam Flegal.”

Step 3

Create a subscriber page and link it to your website. Here’s mine!

Step 4

Gather e-mails. Post a message to Facebook, and to your fan page. In my experience this will make sure your die-hard fans (and your family) all sign up for your mailing list. The hard part is gathering e-mails at conventions. I do this with a pad of paper and a pen. Anyone who shows interest in my art gets asked if they’d like to sign up for my mailing list.

Step 5

Enter the e-mails in Mail Chimp. This part sucks. I type each person in. It takes time. If you have an iPad you can have people enter e-mails digitally, then copy and paste, MUCH easier, but more expensive. Regardless of how you do it, enter those e-mails and start messaging your fans.

Good Luck!


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3 thoughts on “How to Manage Your Mailing List

  1. As a supplement to your advice, I highly recommend people to set up custom Autoresponders as well! That would be the step between 3 and 4. An Autoresponder is like a form email that your list will send out automatically when they are subscribed. It’s your chance to set up a great rapport and make an initial proposal to your customer.

    For instance, my Autoresponder for my studio list thanks them for subscribing, tells them about what kind of news they’ll be hearing about from me (new art, products, show appearances, etc.), and offers a link to a free coloring book gift (other ideas could be links to free wallpapers or other great art downloadables). It also has a pitch for my Patreon at the bottom as well as quick links to my other social network outlets.

    You can see a screenshot of my Autoresponder here:

    Or give it a whirl yourself by signing up at (hah sorry Sam, couldn’t resist a plug!;) )

    Great advice, as always, Sam! You are the Con Marketing King.:D

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