Possessed Combat Process

The process for the oil painting “Possessed Combat” done for Black Crusade’s “The Tome of Decay” was pretty straight forward. I worked with Art Director Andy Christensen, and it was great. Andy really pushed me to make the piece great. (AND help with all the nitty gritty details of Space Marine armor in the 40K universe!)

Like all my paintings I started off with some Thumbnails:


Andy really liked the ideas in the first Thumbnail, but felt the Grey Knight looked a little too weak. Over the next 2 thumbnails we revised the Grey Knights leg and hand positions to make him feel a bit steadier.

Next I did some pencil sketches in order to start working out the details:


I really wanted the Grey knight to have some cool detail in his armor inspired by the miniatures of the Grey Knight Space Marines.

After that was approved I did a refined final drawing:

Possessed Combat drawing by Sam Flegal

Possessed Combat drawing by Sam Flegal

I had the drawing printed out on pre-gessoed artist board, and started my underpainting:

Under Painting

Under Painting

I’m proud to say I nailed most of the sky in the first pass! After the color choices were approved by Andy I finished the painting:

Possessed Combat Oil Painting by Sam Flegal

Possessed Combat Oil Painting by Sam Flegal

At this point Games Workshop looked it over. The Grey Knight’s “psychic hood” was in the wrong position (neck collar thing), and he needed to have a storm bolter added. (They never leave home without a gun on their arm!). I made those changes digitally to arrive at the final piece:


Copyright © 2014 Games Workshop LTD, All Rights Reserved.


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