Dragon Con Wrap Up 2014

Me and a Chaos Terminator from Warhammer 40K

Me and a Chaos Terminator from Warhammer 40K

I’m home from Dragon Con, and what a wild ride! I can barely talk, but I can still type, so I thought I’d share a summary of the convention!

This year’s Dragon Con was my best ever. I spoke to lots of fans, saw old friends, made some new ones, got to see amazing costumes, and slept very little! The art show and their staff were great! I was a part of some good panel discussions on “Making Art Your Career,” “The Anatomy of a Monster,” and “How to Get Started as an Artist.” I want to thank John Picacio, Michael C. Hayes, Thomas Kuebler, Pete Mohrbacher, and Drew Baker for speaking with me on our panels. The conversations were amazing and we spoke to a packed room!

Troll Tea

Troll Tea by Sam Flegal

My painting “Troll Tea” was my most popular print this year, and I understand it will be gracing the walls of kitchens and dining areas of many a Dragon Con attendees’ homes. Thank you to everyone who bought art from me this weekend!

I sold some original drawings!


and I sold an original painting to a dear friend and mentor! To date it’s my fastest sale; I finished the painting last Saturday, framed it on Wednesday and sold in on Monday at Dragon Con. Thank You, Lindsey!!!


You can read about my first encounter with Lindsey from way back in 2008 RIGHT HERE.

All in all I am just so honored to have such great friends and fans! Thank you all for making this year my Best Dragon Con Ever!!!


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