Warhammer 40K Art – Xavaes Split Tongue

Copyright 2014 Games Workshop

Copyright 2014 Games Workshop

At Gen Con this year the new Warhammer 40K card game called Conquest was released by Fantasy Flight Games. I’m excited to share that I did one card for the set.

I was asked to paint Xavaes Split Tongue a Chaos Space Marine of the Emperor’s Children who follows Slaanesh the god of pleasure and pain. The initial description asked for Xavaes to have a split tongue like a snake, but I had the idea that in proper Slaaneshy form he split his whole face with a blade, and his bifurcated tongue came to life with the power of chaos. I showed my design to Fantasty Flight, and they loved it!

The original painting was done in oil. For the final card I used digital to paint in some candles to the back. I also had to change the shape of the shoulder pad to better match traditional space marine armor. You can see the final version above, here is the oil painting:

Oil Painting by Sam Flegal

Oil Painting by Sam Flegal


and here is the card from the game:



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2 thoughts on “Warhammer 40K Art – Xavaes Split Tongue

  1. looks good! I always see Chaos Marines with more barnacles. The basis in UK lore of sailors at sea to long and ‘turning’ from the royal navy to savages. 40k has a lot of history to UK imperialism.

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