Illuxcon 7 – A trip in Photos

Thanks for stopping by, let me show you my vacation photos. Just have a seat and I’ll start up the projector.


The van is all loaded up and I’m off to Illuxcon. (Yes I know: Wood Box)


On the way I stopped at the Hersey Factory. In case you’re wondering, the chocolate was good!


Stopped at the Frank Frazetta Museum, which was great!


Me at my booth. A.K.A. the Mother Ship, as you could see my lights from most of the room.


It’s so great to send my paintings to a good home!


Another sale perhaps… the world will never know. 😉


Doing a portfolio review for Mr. Justice!

As you can see by the photos, IlluXCon 7 was great. I had a wonderful time traveling, seeing old friends, and making new ones. I’m already looking forward to IlluXCon 8!


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