Frigg – Lady of Secrets

Frigg Lady of Secrets

“Frigg, Lady of Secrets” oil painting by Sam Flegal


In Newark, UK the Odinist Fellowship is building a temple to the Heathen Gods.

Here is an excerpt from the public announcement:

“The Odinist Fellowship have announced the opening of the first new heathen temple in England!

‘The Odinists of England, have after a lapse of over a thousand years, at long last acquired a temple of our own.’

The first new heathen temple of England will open soon in Newark in an old Tudor chapel erected in 1556. This is a fascinating development in the history of religion in England, and may even signify the return of a popular Odinist religion.”

I am very proud to have been selected to create a painting that will hang on the wall of this Temple in the United Kingdom. As anyone who follows my art knows the Norse Gods and Goddesses are a strong passion for me. It is truly an honor to have been a part of this project.

For my part I was asked to create an image that showed the Goddess Frigg gazing into her magic casket. Inside which she sees all the secrets of the world. Although she knows all (even possibly more than Odin) she tells no one. She is the Lady of Secrets, teller of none.

You can see the painting above. Here is the sketch for the painting:

"Frigg, Lady of Secrets" Pencil and Copic on tone paper by Sam Flegal

“Frigg, Lady of Secrets” Pencil & Copic Tone Drawing by Sam Flegal

A big thanks to Ralph Harrison and the Odinist Fellowship for working with me on this painting. In particular Ralph’s vision and knowledge of runic lore was most helpful.


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