The Collector – New L5R Art

"The Collector" 18"x24" oil painting by Sam Flegal

“The Collector” 18″x24″ oil painting by Sam Flegal

The card’s name is Moto Daigoro, but that’s not the name of my new painting. My new painting is called “The Collector.” A while back, I was asked to do a skeletal rider for Legend of the Five Rings. Other than he being undead and on a skeletal horse, the assignment was pretty open. Sometimes this can be frustrating, but this time I decided to dig in and loved it!

Here is the story I came up with:

A Necromancer sifted through the bodies of fallen heroes after a great battle. Upon finding his chosen warrior, he nailed two magic scrolls to the corpse’s chest plate. This caused the warrior to animate, but what the Necromancer didn’t count on was that the soldier’s soul still hovered nearby; and upon the animation of his body he returned, filled with hate. The undead warrior’s first action was to break the wrists of the Necromancer and tear off his hands. This prevented the magic-user from ever casting spells again. Death’s soldier then breathed a last breath into his fallen steed and the two corpses set off in search of more hands.

"The Collector" 12"x16" tone drawing by Sam Flegal

“The Collector” 12″x16″ tone drawing by Sam Flegal

With this story in mind I found it much easier to create. It helped form little details all throughout the painting. It also made the project much more enjoyable. In the end I am very happy with how the painting turned out.



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