Gearing up for Libertycon!


This year I’m very excited to be the artist guest of honor for Libertycon 28! Normally I’d encourage you to come check out the show if you’re near Chatanooga, TN, but as the banner says this con is SOLD OUT!

If you do happen to have one of the hot little tickets for the show make sure to stop by the Art Show. I’ll be hanging a lot of art including the original paintings for my two newest pieces “Liberty or Death” and “Tyr’s Promise.”

"Liberty or Death" Oil Painting by Sam Flegal

“Liberty or Death” Oil Painting by Sam Flegal

"Týr's Promise" oil painting by Sam Flegal

“Týr’s Promise” oil painting by Sam Flegal

In addition I’ll be doing 8 panels and events. You can check out my speaking schedule HERE.

Should be a fun weekend. If you can’t make it follow me on Instagram to check in on the fun!


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