New L5R Art – Demonic Betrayer

"Demonic Betrayer" 12"x16" Oil Painting by Sam Flegal

“Demonic Betrayer” 12″x16″ Oil Painting by Sam Flegal

The latest L5R set Thunderous Acclaim includes three new cards by your truly. It was a fun set to work on, but my favorite card by far was Demonic Betrayer. In the set the Spider Clan is returning to there roots as bad guys. My card shows a Spider Clan Yojimbo, who just betrayed the family he was sworn to protect. In doing so he gave into the taint of the Shadowlands and he evil manifested in demonic changes to his body.

In order to get inspired for the piece I looked through Jim Pavalec’s book Hymns & Wretched Offerings to the Golden Ones. Lots of dark stuff in there! If you don’t own a copy be sure to pick one up. Almost 1/2 off the cover price right now!

Here is an earlier version sketch for the piece:


The art director felt all the extra arms was a bit too much shadow taint, so I dialed it back a bit. Not sure when this will come up in the future, but at some point I will use the extra arms again!


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