From Poetry to Painting


“Runes shalt thou find, and fateful signs,

That the king of singers colored,

And the mighty gods have made;”

– From the Havamal (Sayings of the High One), Bellows Translation

Fateful Signs are what Odin saw as he hung from the great world tree. Fateful Signs are the legends of the Gods and Ancestors carried down to us through the winds of time.Fateful Signs can be sought with runes, carved and made red. Fateful Signs are the words and deeds that honor the Lore of the Norse.

I present you with Fateful Signs!


Over the weekend I spent some time updating my latest Kickstarter Project. I explained Fateful Signs, where it came from, what it means, and how it impacts my art. I also added some process images and descriptions to explain how I create each Fateful Signs oil painting. Please take the time to read it over, and let me know your thoughts over in the comment section on Kickstarter.


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