Yogo Junzo and his Undead Generals

"Junzo and his Generals" 21"x26" oil painting by Sam Flegal

“Junzo and his Generals” 21″x26″ oil painting by Sam Flegal

Legend of the Five Rings latest set is called Siege: Clan War. It’s a historical set, based on L5R historic events. I was tasked with doing the card art for three of L5R’s greatest undead villains. No need to explain that this was a great fit for me! The Art Director, Adrian Burton, also challenged me with making all 3 cards a single painting that could be divided up for the cards. I accepted his challenge, and ultimately had a lot of fun!


Yogo Junzo is an evil undead wizard who used these nasty artifacts called “Black Scrolls” to do a lot of bad stuff. Including summoning an ancient stronghold out of the ground!


Moto Tsume was a member of the Unicorn Clan until he died got brought back as an undead samurai and became a bad ass! One of the challenges with Moto Tsume is that all his old card art had him in red armor. Unicorn wear white. So Adrian and I worked out that Moto Tsume had white armor, he just dumped buckets of blood over it, and never cleaned it after battle!


The Necromancer was pretty straight forward. Crazy old asian dude in black robes raising the dead. Fun Fact the guy he is raising is former crab clan member, Hida Matyu.

I got a great response from the fans who saw the full art at Gen Con.

I created a Limited Edition playmat featuring the full art. Only 25 remain at the time I’m writing this.




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