Blind Hoedkin

“Blind Hoedkin” 9″x12″ Oil Painting by Sam Flegal

This fellow is based off the legend of a particular type of kobold, called the Hütchen, from German Folklore. He is short of stature, has red hair and a beard, favors green clothing, and sometimes a red cap. His most notable feature is that he is blind.

I loved the idea of a blind Hoedkin; after all, most people can’t see their house spirits, so it only makes sense that some of them can’t see us! But don’t let his blindness fool you. He is still very helpful around the house—this one takes a particular interest in making sure a home smells nice. Notice how he listens to the flower to know exactly where to cut!

If you have this sort of Hoedkin make sure to keep fresh flowers in the house, and dispose of them appropriately when they die. You wouldn’t want to offend the Hoedkin’s sensitive nose!


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